Friday, November 24, 2006

Turkey Day

As usual, turkey day was full of feasting, family, and secret griping.

So all in all it was a good day.

Dinner with my family, dessert with his (minus the felines) and all went well and my Zofran made a fairly decent effort.

Kerry-girl came with us to my family and behaved herself, though we knew it was hard. All that food within easy reach of a professional counter-surfer and she kept hearing the words "leave it". Thankfully, she was obediant--a difficult thing for a terrier--and we had no resulting incidents of HGE from her IBD.

The Hound was left at home as she's...unpredictable (translation: incredibly naughty).

Now the whole family knows our "secret". Good thing too or there might have been hard feelings resulting from my eating so pickily and little. I don't think a lot of people really understand morning sickness and how bad it can be. I heard this:

"Oh, just a little bit of morning sickness is all you had? well, some occasional nausea isn't anything. How much weight have you gained? You know it's easy to pack it on in the beginning".
"Your having morning sickness? But it's 3 o'clock...?"
"Eat my candy I brought. Candy can't make you sick."
"well, you can help me cook the dinner. Morning sickness should be gone by Thanksgiving. You turn 3 months the day before."

It's kind of ridiculous that people--people who've had several children--wouldn't know that it is possible to:

A) have morning sickness all-day and night
B) have morning sickness last into the 5th month--or even to term
C) have morning sickness that involves vomiting everytime you eat or drink and even sometimes when you haven't.
D) have morning sickness that makes you do nothing but lose weight. If you can't keep food down, you aren't going to really gain anything.
E) have morning sickness that completely negates the ability to cook. If the experiance of food preparation (texture, appearance, sounds) makes you vomit, a 20lb uncooked turkey is like biological warfare.

Its really kind of amazing. The kicker was the person who told me that I shouldn't take any drugs because it was bad for the baby (while I was off in the corner dowing my Zofran/phenergan cocktail). Sure, because having a malnourished and wasting mother is always better than one who takes perscriptions her OB has given her.

Bad, druggy Mommy.

We did have an appointment Tuesday. Everything was fine seemingly with Junior. He/She was moving around and had a nice heartbeat. Had a thousand tests done so we'll have a better idea of how fine it all is. The only thing that seemed to bother the doc on the surface was my continued weight loss (hence the good drugs). Hubby has become rather annoyed now with my finicky eating because of this and has become quite the nag--interrogating me for my list of what I've eaten to make sure my calorie count is what it should be.

Wednesday was our anniversary. We really didn't do anything. Hubby made a Salad in a Bag and we watched shows off our Tivo que. We did exchange gifts. I had bought him a pre-prepared king crab dinner (the purchase and transportation of which was unbeleivably difficult for me). He said he wanted to save it for a time I wouldn't be home so he could enjoy eating it. He got me what I'd been begging for for Christmas--an mp3 player. I'm spoiled.

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