Thursday, December 20, 2007

Baby Training

The baby training is having some gliches.
Getting him to sleep is working awesome.
When I get home we put him on the floor in his room and let him try and chase the dogs around. I sit down there with him and try to eat my dinner without getting any stolen by the mutts while making sure Sasha doesn't get stepped on and he doesn't torture the dogs.
He gets tired really fast because, lets face it, scooting and inchworming isn't that fast and the dogs are.
At 8pm we end playtime and it's time to get washed up, lotioned, fresh diaper, and get into jammies. And then the lights go low, the cd player goes on (in repeat mode) softly, and we sit in the glider for a nurse and a fairy tale. Unfortunately, books get him ALL kinds of worked up, so I just tell from memory.
Within 20 minutes from ending playtime, he's in his crib out cold. I hang around 10 more packing up his diaper bag for the next day and cleaning up his toys.
A huge difference from the hours of screaming and hissy fits where we didn't maybe get to bed till 12.
The problem happens when he wakes up at night.
I'll change him in his crib to minimize disrupting him and the chances of bringing him into full wakefulness. Then it goes 2 ways.
If I nurse him and put him down he'll throw a tantrum for a little less than an hour and fall asleep till about 8 the next morning.
If I don't, he'll tantrum until we have to leave for his Grandma's at 5 and it's breakfast time. This is about 2-2.5 hours of non-stop screaming.
I nursed him the first night because his Dad scared the living daylights out of him changing his diaper. Why he felt the need to suddenly drag him from one side of the crib to another I'll never know.

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caramama said...

We STILL have nothing consistent out of the Pumpkin, though we try and try. The routine usually is pretty good for getting her to sleep, but she could wake up at any time and be easy or difficult to get back to sleep.

We can deal with all that, but the napping is what is really bad. Sometimes, she thinks a 15 minute nap is all she needs (when I know it isn't), and there is nothing I can do about it. Urg!

Glad you are at least getting him to sleep pretty well.