Monday, December 31, 2007

Chabo the wolf baby

We are still in full Holiday Mode here.

This weekend we knocked off Hubby's Mom's side of the family and some of my Father's extended family.

The thought of the day is: It's insane to drive somewhere 3 hours away with an infant who you're struggling to keep on schedule and without boarding or finding care for 2 dogs who have "issues". Especially when said infant's teething issues are ramping back up.

Sasha bit every single person who decided to hold him Saturday (Hubby's Mom's family). Complete with the preceding growl and frenzied look.

We think it's amusing and have taken to calling him Sunny Baudelaire. We still are telling him "no" and so forth...being proper parents...but don't expect much out of that right now
Then Sunday afternoon with my relatives he was all kisses. He must've gotten the remainder of his biting needs out of him that morning while in his Johnny-Jump-Up. He bit: KerryGirl, the Hound, and both his Daddy's and my legs as we all tried to hurry past him.

Sasha leaves teethmarks.

Needless to say, we aren't' getting that much sleep these days. Every zinger wakes him up.
My Dad's relatives were their usual selves. They served almost no food for the 30 or so people there supposedly for Dinner, but we went to Red Robin right before because we know this. They also kept denigrating Sasha's "lack of development", while saying how extra fabulous their kids were. Typical.

"what, he isn't walking yet? Maybe he's just slow" spoken by the mother of an 18mo who only started 2 months ago. Remember, Sasha's only 6mo. The fact he's inchworming, sitting, and pulling himself up to standing is remarkable enough.

Or the "My daughter, you know, is 3. You're son is never going to catch up to her." I never said he would, though given her daughters developmental delays and various health issues, I'm willing to bet he probably will one day. That doesn't give me any great pride. She's always been insecure and felt the need to do stuff like that. I remember when I was 10 and she was in her 30s and she was trying to one-up me on trivia.

If she'd won all that would do is show she knew more than a 5th grader. Whoop-de-doo. Sadly, Jeff Foxworthy won't ever be paying her any money.

My only comment about Sasha's "fabulousness" the whole night was that he was a happy guy, but be careful because he bites. Don't understand the need to compete infants/toddlers against one another. Kids develop at such different paces that none of it matters. They all end up in the same place in the end.

Sasha got a few more Christmas gifts of clothes, but I will likely be returning them or sending them to Goodwill. They bought clothes for his current age of 6 months. He wears 9 or even 12 month clothes. Only one was in his current size, and it was bought for the spring I think. It's shorts and a tank top.

This morning there was a traffic situation from everyone spinning out on black ice. Shorts really not the kind of thing he's wearing right now.

I think he's taking after me, build-wise. He'll hit puberty early and will end up on the tallish end of average as a grown man. Everyone will catch up.

This weekend begins the wedding extravaganza for Sister. Saturday is her bachelorette party and I think I'm going to have to have a little talk with one of her friends (at Sister's request). She's under the impression that the fondue plan is all a ruse and we're going out to the strip clubs and I want everyone to bring a marital aid to give. Not sure where that came from. I'm guessing she just is not the tame Girls' Night Out kind of person, like Sister is. I even have a voicemail from her asking for certain intimate details so she can make the best choice of product.
I'm going to have to call her back today.


caramama said...

I don't get the whole comparison thing either. Why not let kids be who they are and develop according to their own schedules? It does not reflect how we are as parents if my kid happens to walk early or talk late. That really annoys me.

Speaking of the black ice, I heard there were a ton of accidents, some very serious, around here. I'm so glad I don't work far from my house anymore. I used to have a 1.5 hour commute into NoVA, and now I have a 15 minute commute to Rockville!

BTW, when you wrote "we knocked off..." I had images of mafia hit men in my head. Freudian slip, I'm sure. haha!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Love the biting stuff! My kids never went through that but I always thought it was kind of cute in other kids (probably cuz I wasnt dealing with it!)

Can't believe your dogs will stay out in the cold. Mini wiener dogs are not built for the cold!


Burgh Baby said...

Why oh why do people insist on comparing? Makes me CRAZY!

What makes me crazier is when people buy kids clothes that won't possibly fit, especially when they don't include gift receipts. It's just like throwing money away. Argh!