Friday, December 7, 2007

A weirdo hairdo...

The groomer we used several times before came to the house to cut the KerryGirl today. Not quite sure what happened but what came out was NOT a kerry clip. It was....weird.
Her body, tail and ears were shaved down to about 4mm. Then her legs were left long, but with odd larger poofs at the knees. The facial hair was clipped to be shorter down the nose so that it popped out wide at the sides.....
And her ears...she didn't pluck them at all.
I had to fix it that night because she just looked so bizzarre.
And even then, it wasn't right because there wasn't enough hair left to make it right.
Time for the show groomer. It's not worth saving $15 if I have to go and fix it afterwards myself as much as I can.

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