Saturday, January 12, 2008

7 Months

Sasha, at 7 months you have come so far.
You have already grown out of some 9-12 month clothes (and yet still fit in some 6-9; weird). It's strange to think that only a few months ago the nurses and doctors in the hospital were telling me you weren't thriving, were too thin, and didn't eat enough. Your pediatrician now just says "Long baby...He'll always seem thin, but he's just fine".
You're into everything. We have to put you in a corral for your own safety. I don't think it'll be long before you're cruising regularly since I've found you standing with a grip on furniture or walking a few steps with a grip on the swinging gate.
You've also started experimenting with using your index finger and thumb. Soon there will be cheerios on your tray.
Your curiosity is amazing. And I know all Mom's say this, but I think you really are quite smart. You got so many toys for Christmas that were for toddlers as they include several kinds of mechanisms and you having to put items inside certain holes. You've figured them all out and have been quite enjoying yourself.
But more than that, the thing that makes me so happy is your social little self. You really take notice of people and animals more than things. We're going thru a little rough patch right now, but overall you are such a friendly guy. And now you really are getting to know the difference between a stranger and the people you know, but your still pretty good with it.
Mama loves you and wishes the Tooth Fairy took away teething pain too.


caramama said...

Sasha's a super genius! Yeah!!

Happy 7 months!

Burgh Baby said...

Very sweet post! However, I'm stuck on the clothes thing. It drives me CRAZY that kids clothes aren't sized consistently. How hard is it to make a 2T mean the same thing no matter what brand it is?

Anonymous said...

Yeah the clothes thing is irritating. I swear Boog can still wear some 9-12 month stuff but is mostly in 12-18 month stuff.