Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Blindness--brought to you by Playskool

I'm sporting the Pirate Look today.

Yesterday while teleworking, Sasha caught me in a distracted moment and rammed his train into my face. Scratched both corneas, but the left isn't so bad. A pair of sunglasses keeps that one from hurting. The right needs a full-on eye patch. And unfortunately the adhesive on the bandaid type or the tape irritates my skin.

So I'm wearing part of an old Halloween costume.

And of course I'm home today. Apparently its illegal to drive with an eyepatch on. Something about needing depth perception. I am going in tomorrow though. It should be good enough to keep open by then.

Sasha's at his Grandma's. She came and picked him up after I called to tell her I wasn't going to be driving him over this morning. She just called and apparently he's gotten a cold. Probably from his cousins at the wedding this weekend. All the little munchkins there had colds EXCEPT Sasha.

He has a low grade fever, runny nose, and cough, but he seems pretty happy. Just having a little trouble with the napping, because he keeps having to cough from the drips.

I'm gonna go clean out the vaporizer in a sec... Thankfully I just stocked up on safe cold remedies (like the vaporizer) "in case".


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Your hubby looks like Richard Gere....if you squint? I'd be squinting all the time!

Don't squint now though, might hurt your eyeball even more!


caramama said...

I'm so sorry about your eyes! That sucks! I hope they get better soon!