Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Well, the purge is going well.
Hubby has not interfered or tried to hold on to things too tightly as they are "baby gear" and not really something he feels close to. Many were hand-me-downs that served a purpose and now just block up space. I know several pregnant people at work so an e-mail is managing to have it all go rather quickly.
I'm keeping a few things: like his clothes and one of his carseats (the kid had TWO! with extra bases!) because I'm reasonably certain that despite how much I hated pregnancy, I want just one more (and hopefully a girl). I've decided that the summer he turns 3 would be a good time to have the 2nd.
We continue our Not Sleeping. Sasha still continues to demand night nursing and now has begun to reject the morning nap as well.
It's like some nefarious plot he's hatched to keep us so exhausted that when we reach full toddlerhood we will be his Zombie Henchmen.
Meanwhile, we remain at Near Toddlerhood. I don't know if I can cope with him walking freely. The climbing and other modes of motion have me running around constantly as it is.
Speak of nearly toddling, Hubby finally got to see it last night. Sasha standing up and walking along his baby gate and changing table (he hadn't seen it yet). My Mother still hasn't seen it but she's been made aware that he does it at home constantly so she's been on the lookout.
As far as my reading goes I have managed to finish one pathetically thin "War of the Worlds" by HG Wells. It's good. And I have to say the Tom Cruise cinematic version was actually a LOT closer than the old 50's (or was it 60's?) version they show on AMC that I was fond of as a kid. Only in England. And of course not in the present time.
I know a LOT of other people can read while they nurse. HOW?!? Please for the love of all things holy tell me how you do that? I can't keep Sasha from grabbing at and tearing the pages. So if he's on my lap, I can't read a book that isn't made of cardboard. Just like I can't work on the computer with him, talk on the phone with him, use a remote with him, or really have anything in my hands at all.
We're working on "No" but it's a work in progress. Meanwhile, he hangs up on his Daddy all the time by grabbing at the phone and pushing lots of buttons in the process and our shows are suddenly turned off, meanwhile Tivo has been programmed to start recording all UFC matches, and meanwhile I'm stuck re-reading Sparky the Dog. And really, my true wish is to stop getting purple nurples or kicked in the chin. Reading etc would just be huge bonuses.


caramama said...

"Zombie Henchmen" I love it!! I'm going to use that from now on!

As for reading while nursing, the Pumpkin will grab at the pages, so I hold the book out of her reach. And lately, I give her my hair or a toy to hold/fidget with so she's not as interested in reaching for the pages. I think the other big thing is that she has just gotten used to me reading while nursing, so she doesn't freak out when I hold the book out of her reach. But I can't read using the booklight at night unless her eyes are closed and she's drifting off to dreamland. I hope that helps!

Burgh Baby said...

Yep, what Caramama said. Books were maintained at an arm's length and toys were kept close by. If it weren't for books, I would have died those first six months when she spent 17 hours a day eating. At least now she's got it down to 12, and she can do it without me.