Thursday, February 7, 2008


So the baby is sick. And both Hubby and I got, what?? Maybe 2-3 hours of sleep total last night? Poor Sasha. He just doesn't know what to do with himself. This isn't like his last cold. If I stick him in the bathroom while I shower it really doesn't make him totally comfortable again.
And the vaporizor is too loud. I forgot how much it sounded like a turbine engine. We can tune it out as white noise, but Sasha's "white noise" are dog tags jingling, snarling, barking.... And a turbine doesn't sound anything like that.
So we were giving him lots of saline drops and chest rubs and I nursed him maybe every 90 minutes. And when I was dry, we'd give him some water in a bottle.
He doesn't really LIKE water so he'd only drink maybe a half oz at a time. I just want him as hydrated as can be so I am happy for that little bit.
But I think his fever broke so that's good. He was drenched in sweat and felt cold. I suppose that was just part of his cold setting up shop.
Little Brother goes back today. I dunno when we'll see him again. It could be later in the spring when his enlistment ends. Or, if he can convince them to keep him (he's undeployable due to a botched hernia op), who knows what MTF they'll be moving him to. It upsets him, but actually I'm glad. He would have gone to Iraq if he hadn't gotten the hernia during training. Then the surgery put it off while he recouped. Then because they did it so wrong, he can still work just fine in a normal hospital setting but isn't Warfighter ready. I know he has pain, but I just think it could have been much worse had he deployed. With this injury, he can have a completely normal civilian life.
Oh...a note about the evil neighbors. We haven't seen them since they were packing up. And yesterday the Sheriff came by to serve them an eviction notice. Turns out, Hubby was right. THey WERE skipping out on their rent!


Burgh Baby said...

Sorry that the illness keeps on keeping on. It really needs to just go away and leave everybody alone already.

I can absolutely understand why you're "glad" about your son. Better to be in a non-combat area than the alternative, even if the circumstances that created the situation aren't the greatest.

So long to the freaky neighbors!

Becoming Mommy said...

oh, the Marine isn't my son. He's my Baby brother (I have a few brothers). But I suppose a version of the same feelings apply....

caramama said...

So sorry about Sasha being sick! That is so rough on everyone. I hope he feels better soon.

Yeah, I'd be glad for a botched op, too, if the alternative was brother being deployed.

And I agree to the good riddence to bad neighbors!