Monday, July 28, 2008

In memoriam of a favorite childhood author

Today is Beatrix Potter’s birthday.

I just think it’s worth noting because, as a tiny child, she was always a favorite of mine. I had a stuffed Mrs. Tiggywinkle that I loved till it looked like a Tribble. My favorite dishware was some my Grandma had bought with the Beatrix Potter characters And I could hear the tale of Two Bad Mice over, and over, and over.

And now, as a Mom, I love reading the stories to Sasha. He loves Story Time at home and those little books are just at the threshold of how long he can pay attention.

I went and saw an exhibit years ago of her work and often when I’ve taken art classes I’ve tried to mimic her style when portraying animals. It was so simple, yet so perfect and filled with realism and fantasy all at once.

Happy birthday Ms. Potter.

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caramama said...

Yeah for Beatrix Potter! She's excellent. We bought a collection of her books, and I think it's time we pulled them out to read to the Pumpkin.

And bonus points from caramama for making an excellent Star Trek reference. I loved the Tribbles episode. hehe.