Monday, July 21, 2008


Well, it appears that while we know Sasha *CAN* walk, he is still unconvinced and unsure of his abilities so has refrained from a major change in his means of locomotion. He'll do his jaunt across a room each evening, and maybe once during the day, but that's it.
So I guess this is a nice little break before he goes headlong into running. He exhibits the skill often enough we know he can do it and so no need to worry about delays. And yet, it isn't posing us any problems yet.
He is starting to become more clumsy and is doing strange things, so I doubt this'll be a terribly long break.
For one, he's started crawling on his feet, rather than his knees, and looking thru his legs while he moves forward. Naturally, this causes a lot of crashing into things.
The climbing has gotten worse. That's all I'm going to say about that.
He tries to undress whilst cruising. Having pants round ones ankles is not conducive to effective locomotion.
We have gotten into a situation that's a bit of a problem. Sasha and KerryGirl are in a bit of a tiff. She has revoked his 'puppy status' beleiving he's been around long enough to start behaving. He, on the other hand, is still very much a baby and therefore still trying to figure out the way of things. She also is not necessarily seeing him as a human, and therefore above her.
I'm unsure what to do about that. If Sasha were a few years older, I'd give him the job of putting their food dishes out for them, making them 'sit' first. Or having him do refresher training with treats to assert his position. But I can't do that with him yet. So far we've just been working on training with her as normal because we must've become lax, because she's just become a bit much in general.
The Hound, as usual, is fine. She's starting to come out of her little fearful phase the Evil Neighbors threw her into. She'll now play fetch again. That doesn't sound like much, but she was running scared to death when anyone threw anything in her general direction (they threw chunks of concrete at her). Now she's okay with her tennis balls and treats. She's acting afraid of Kerry too, but given the terriers "full of herself" phase we're enduring, and Hound still being fairly fearful, it's no wonder. I don't mind one being submissive to the other, but there's a difference between submission and cowering. She's also avoiding us less. She's come in from the yard due to excessive heat and out from her various "dens" in the house and soliciting pets and play. Good forward progress.
Speaking of progress. I lost 1lb in the past week on WW. One measly pound---but it's progress I guess.


La folle maman said...

Congrats on the losing weight! 1 pound is great! Losing a lot of weight quickly is bad for your health and usually ends up coming back because the diets are ridiculous!

The undressing while cruising sounds very funny. You should film it for future embarrassment! :)

caramama said...

Yeah for losing 1 pound! Each one counts!

I want to throw things at your neighbors and see how they like it! That makes me so mad!

I'm glad Sasha is displaying the skills but the skills are not yet causing you to have to run around after him everywhere. Here's hoping that you have a little more time before that!