Sunday, July 6, 2008

...Right back where is started from....

In California since Friday. So far, the trip has been...interesting. Tried to go see Muir Woods yesterday but was overly crowded and couldn't actually get in. So drove down to Stinson Beach and both Sasha and I got carsick. However, he recovered quickly and it was his first time at a beach so I had to get snaps. Will post those later.
Today Hubby decided for some reason to check out the town of Brisbane. However, he didn't get directions first and we ended up in a place called Cow Palace.
No, it wasn't a ranchers heaven.
It should have been called the Crack District. I saw a deal go down in broad daylight for the white stuff and a body rolled up in a carpet...whether it was a homeless person sleeping or a deal gone bad, dunno. Don't really want to.
Typical guyness prevailed though and he fought my attempts to get him to use GPS. GPS told him to go right, he went left.
Meanwhile we had a toddler who needed lunch and soon.
So, needless to say, we spent a lot more time in Cow Palace than I had any desire to.
Tomorrow we're going to the aquarium, which should go a lot better.

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caramama said...

Yikes about the Cow Crack Palace! My husband loves the GPS, since he views it as a cool gadget, not really someone telling him directions, thank goodness!

Hope you have a fun time the rest of your trip!