Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Boob Tube

We have fallen into the trap of many parents now. Those who swore we wouldn’t have our little ones seated, zombie-like, in front of the boob tube; have little ones we purposely sit there so that they WILL be zombie-like.
For sanity.
We’ve found that Sprout, Nick Jr., and all that daytime nursery-schooler programming works to get Sasha to eat.
There’s a few minutes where he just sits there unblinking, but then he starts to shovel in the food.
I don’t care what they say about how TV rots their brains…I need my kid to eat. That’s my top priority. And for some bizarre reason, the TV is helping to make that happen.
So its probably not that bad for us. We don’t use it to babysit. It goes off after mealtime and he gets all his interaction.
We just need it on during meals. I’ll deal with weaning him off television later. When he has more reasoning skills than he currently does—which doesn’t take much.


caramama said...

You do what you've got to do. TV can definitely serve a purpose. I'm glad you found a way to get him to eat!

La folle maman said...

Agreed. Do what you need. The only way DH and I can take showers in the morning is to use t.v. or else we have a very upset toddler who wants our attention. So I obviously, don't see the harm. I know there are many critics but I think just like anything, if in moderation, it's not a bad thing.