Monday, August 4, 2008

Busy little bee

I know I have been remiss in my posting, but it has been an exhausting week. Besides the remodel, the inlaws, work trying to kill me (I swear...they are trying to see if my head will explode from illogic, as per the Fem-Bots in that Harry Mudd episode) Sasha got yet another sinus infection, there is something wrong with one of our gutters and therefore part of our NEW fence rotted out, and I've been plagued with some intestinal malady that only seems to appear when I need to be sleeping.

I did get two evenings off from visitors. They went over to visit other family and that turned out to be good planning. Those were the 2 nights this week the neice and nephew were miserable and Sasha slept from 9-9 and I stopped wishing everyone into the Cornfield (not that it works, but darn it, if I didn't try).

Sasha's walking constantly and insisting on doing it all. The. Time. Even when we were in the ER in the wee hours of the morning. Fortunately, I had shoes on him and so we walked around with him holding my hand (because I didn't want him tempted to touch anything). That is, till they made him disrobe and put on a teeny-tiny hospital gown (for privacy). And the privacy thing for a one year old kills me. Why? It takes sometimes some finageling on my part to keep him from stripping naked at random. And then, I only care because it looks like poor parenting and I don't want to pay for something he spoiled by urinating on it.

His talking is incessant. Not that anyone but Hubby and me seem to understand any of it, but it's definitely happening. He tells me when he's hungry or thirsty or lonely or whatever. In something approaching English. We know we're the only ones who understand him because we keep having people ask us why he isn't talking yet. Meanwhile, I just heard him ask his Daddy for a banana plain as day, then say thank you when he got it, and then tell us it was good after he took a bite. So, naturally, we don't see why everyone else can't hear him, but I suppose this is true of all parents.

ETA: I've weighed in again and lost 5 1/2 lbs!!!!! I knew last weeks half pound loss was misleading. I'm now at -7 and able to tell. It's giving me the boost I need.

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caramama said...

"something approaching English" That's exactly how to discribe it! Perfect!

I hope you get a break from everything soon.

And of course you get double bonus points for Star Trek AND Twilight Zone references! That Twilight Zone ep always creeped me out. Did you know they made a sequel to it in a later Twilight Zone run? Creepy!