Monday, September 15, 2008

15 months


You were 15 months this Friday.

Your checkup showed you to be 34 inches tall and you are 25 lbs. Apparently my worries about your growth are totally unfounded. You also continue to gain weight appropriately, apparently, in spite of your finicky eating habits and insistance on subsisting primarily on milk, raspberries, and cereal. As are my concerns about your teeth being so crowded and shark-like, being in more than one row as they are.

You did get one shot, and I wonder if that's why you were such a pain-in-the-behind this weekend, of if this is just part of the natural toddlerness progression.

You didn't want to eat.

You didn't want to sleep.

You wanted your way and you wanted it immediately and that was FINAL!

You'd get your little fists balled up and set your face so angry. And then you'd yell at us.

Unfortunately, I don't think it had quite the desired effect. It took all my strength to keep from laughing at that little tableau...particularly when the angry shouting was:

"Mama/Dada, A DO DO A BALANDA NG!!!!"

Which neither of us could decipher, at least not literally. We knew you were mad and we knew what you wanted from us. The answer was just "no". No, you may not play with the fire extinguisher. No you may not play with the knife block. No, you may not beat on the Hound with your drumsticks. No, you may not run in traffic...

And when we reiterated these "no's" you's stomp on over to us, and go with your usual routine of throwing yourself to the floor to tantrum. The only thing new about this, is now you'll do it in public, too. We even took you to the mall, church, etc. hoping you'd have your "in public" persona on. No such luck now that you've turned 15 months.

Nor does walking away help anymore.

Nope, you just get up, stomp on over, and throw yourself back down...closer.

I see I'm going to need a hefty dose of patience with you in the coming months and years.

Mommy only hopes she's up to the task.


caramama said...

Oh no! Not in public! I SOOOO feel for you. We get those at home, but not yet in public... The trick for us is distracting her with something shiny! and noisy!

Becoming Mommy said...

Yeah, that doesn't always work. There are certain things He. Simply. Cannot. Be. Distracted. From.