Monday, October 6, 2008

The First Step...

I'm taking Oct 13th off because we finally have an appointment with an allergist for Sasha.

I'm hoping they are able to help us. I have finally accepted fully that I have a sickly child and one that requires more than I can give by myself.
  • If Sasha were healthy, he'd be able to use the linens at daycare.
  • If Sasha were healthy, I wouldn't have cause to freak out because he ate fruit cocktail.
  • If Sasha were healthy, everyone wouldn't be required to limit their cleaning products to items like vinegar and boiling water.
  • If Sasha were healthy, we wouldn't have had so many doctors' visits for sinus/ear infections, mysterious fevers of over 103F, hives/rashes, etc.
But he's not. And so things are what they are.

I just hope that we aren't told that there isn't anything wrong with him. I don't know what's worse than knowing there's a problem but being told there isn't. We know there's something. Hopefully I'm right and it's allergies (although, hopefully not to dog. Please, God, let it not be to dog...). Then we can start constructing a list that'll protect him when he's being seen by doctors, when he's at daycare, and when he starts going to school.

I don't believe their tests will show a complete list (after all, I believe in NAET and the philosophy behind it is different than these strictly allopathic doctors). But it's a start. It's SOMETHING.

And I so need something...


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear there some direction you are going in for Sasha's sake and your own. Good luck with the doctor's appointment. Hopefully, they'll be able to give you some definitive answers and next steps.

caramama said...

Good luck! And keep after it until you find out exactly what is wrong. You are a good mommy for seeking the root of the problem!