Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Big Bag O'Stink

I need a new purse.
I love my purse. It’s big. It’s sturdy. It’s fashionable.

But it’s just not making it as a ‘Mom of Small Child(ren)” bag, and that’s what it needs to be. Not to mention it’s sticky, filled with crumbs, and now smells of spoiled milk (Hubby put a full sippy cup in there, sans cap, upside down) mixed with a busted Desitin tube.

I plan on sending it to the dry cleaners to try and salvage it, but then putting it away. I need something more washable for the time we have tiny children—which will be years. I can move back to a normal leather bag when they’re a bit bigger and it’s not occasionally hauling around a dirty diaper because there was no trash can, or clothes that are the victims of a leak.

I have a few things, that if I didn’t also use it as my “work purse”, would be just fine. But since I do use it at work, and I’m management, they aren’t workable solutions. They just aren’t appropriate.

It seems so wrong to go get a new purse when everything that looks like it’d work is so expensive (FYI, expensive purses to me are ones over $30) and I do have bags, that if I didn’t mind perma-stink would be fine.

Sometimes I wish I were a man. Then I wouldn’t have to worry about this. I’d just make my wife hold everything.

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caramama said...

Since having the Pumpkin, I've realized I need bigger purses to hold more things. I find good purses at Target. They are pretty cheap and usually have a good selection. I hope you find a cute, workable, inexpensive one!