Monday, March 23, 2009

Foot in Mouth

After several caffeinated beverages, I’m feeling much better.
Yes, this weekend was lovely, my child desperately needs to take naps, nudity and gore should never be in IMAX, and I’m tired.
But it was a good weekend because we managed to have so much good crammed into it.

I took early Saturday morning to go to a meetup with other kerry blue owners. It helped me realize how Kerrygirl is actually fairly huge, (so not to expect subsequent kerries to be likewise), and quiet, and way overly friendly. I did put my foot in it when I said something about her being kinda slow…even for a kerry.

But I meant to just make a fair comparison of apples to apples. Something we sometimes forget about because of the Hound. The Hound who can program Tivo. The Hound who never takes more than 2 minutes to learn anything new. The Hound who is evidently, just following standard in how she is (border collies?? Pfftt).

So our “Kerrygirl is kinda slow”, is comparing her to actual terriers. And yeah, she’s a bit dim. She’s not cairn or jack russel or wheaton or airedale smart.. She’s not cockerpoo smart. She’s not even pekinese or catahoula smart. No. She’s the dog who has her sight and still runs straight for the solid wall. She’s the dog who took 3 years to learn “shake”. Poor Kerrygirl is legitimately dimwitted, but we love her anyway. It’s not her fault, and there’s a good chance it has nothing to do with breeding either. God knows what was done to her in addition to the cigarette burns and neglect. The important thing is she’s sweet and housebreaken and everything she does is with love for her family.

We also saw the inlaws and it was classic. We had the usual circular conversations. I sometimes wonder why they have them, but whatever.

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Awwww! At least she found a family that truly loves her.