Monday, June 1, 2009

Big Night

I had a lovely birthday weekend, which was cemented by the fact I’m not on the work communication system yet so I didn’t get the call for an all-day meeting on Sunday.
Sunday church, brunch, and that evening a 5 course meal in homage to Big Night at a local Italian restaurant put together by their chef (yes, with about a different wine with each course and the whole thing).
With Sasha.
I can’t tell you what a wonderful little boy he is to be so patient. He lasted all the way up to the end of the 4th course, joking and laughing and playing. Then he demanded down, and down right now.
So he got it and we took turns entertaining him outside. No meltdowns. At the end, the owner came up to us and said he’d never seen a little boy so patient and well behaved at a truly formal and “grown up” affair like this…especially not one Sasha’s age. But he’s always been exceptional when it means going out somewhere public with a lot of people.
I also can tell you that child is a GOOD EATER.
While he was disappointed he got milk instead of all the fancy “juices” Mommy and Daddy got, he did okay. After all, he got to drink our of a fancy glass (not plastic) all night like a big boy.
And he tried one mouthful of each of the courses (he’d eaten before). Only one got more than one taste, but what a good boy to eat things he’d never had before. Well, at least not quite that way.
I’m very blessed to have a child who thinks that being out is it’s own reward and who can just tell me that he needs to get down, now, rather than throw a fit. And just be very happy when we tell him that now is the time to go.
While I had my stint with him outside, we did have a little realization. He loves stories about night-night time lately and his book about the moon (no, not Goodbye, Moon. A book that talks about phases and such…I dunno why we have it but he likes us to read it. Repeatedly). So he knows what the moon is, in theory. However I asked him if he saw the moon and he was very confused.
“Moon? Moon, Mommy?”
“Yes, the moon is up there. Do you see the moon?”
“Yites.” Pointing up to the street lamps.
“Yes, those are lights. But do you see the moon? The moon is up too.”
“No, yites.” He insists.
“okay, look and tell me what you see”
“Yite. Yite. Yite……..oh…….MOON!!!!”
“Yes! There’s the moon! What else do you see?”
“Moon! …..And…….STARS!!!!”He was so happy with his discovery. There’s another little connection made in his little head


caramama said...

Yeah, Sasha! That's so fantastic that he's good out at restaurants like that. And how cute about finding the moon and stars!

caramama said...

Oh, and happy birthday!