Friday, November 20, 2009

Buzzy the Hummingbird

Sasha's appetite is totally out of control.

Yesterday he had 2 breakfasts, morning snack, 3 lunches, a daycare afternoon snack, a "I just got home, need something to tide me over till dinner" snack, followed by 2 dinners, dessert, and then a before bed snack.

And what would constitue a "before bed snack" to a 2 year old? Apparently a large bowl of Mommy's chili, a full-sized everything bagel, and a cup of carrot juice.

And if that's a snack, you can imagine what the rest of the day's consumption is like (meals are about twice the size of a snack). I send him to school with, not a lunchbox, but a small cooler like you'd bring for a family picnic. And some of the dry-goods overflow into the backpack we send with extra clothes (he likes to see where he can aim besides the potty).

I am jealous. I want that metabolism. Well, I want it again--at one point it was mine.

He's going to eat us straight into the poorhouse.

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caramama said...

I would say growth spurt, but he's always ate like a teenage boy! Can you imagine when is is actually a teenage boy? You better start stockpiling now!