Tuesday, December 1, 2009


That is the description for all things Christmas. A holiday Sasha has really grabbed hold of and had questions about and seems to get...kinda.

It's also been a showcase for his little quirks and how much he's come.


He has a nativity set we got him last year. He adored it then, and he adores it now. However his..er...persnickety-ness (or as most people seem to refer to it, Toddler OCD) is quite evident. Joseph cannot be Joseph, as his robes do not match the color scheme in Mary's. So, he's out. Banished with the shepherds.
Who, incidentally, are lined up in in a perfect row of lightest to darkest. As are all the people--except JMJ.
A magi has been promoted to Joseph, because he sports the pale blue and lavender robes that match.
The animals are sorted and placed in rows themselves, tallest in the back, shortest in the front, in a tight box formation.
the buildings and accessories are likewise aligned.

His imagination is really flourishing, but in ways that make him appear quite pathetic.

You see, he's told me repeatedly what he wants Santa to bring him:

a train
a robot
a rocket
a helicopter
new crayons

Fairly straightforward, and we've told him we will write Santa a letter and tell him all of this. Santa will bring it when he comes down the chimney while he's asleep the night before Christmas. He gets that, and just reminds me frequently.

But the funny/pitiful thing is how he's been pretending he already HAS them (except the bubbles...we have lots of bubbles). Apparently puzzle pieces and broken crayons can become a large variety of items with a little imagination. I'm just glad the crayons are washable--otherwise the broken crayon train that travels my floors nightly would have me more upset.

He has declared that Santa should not have cookies for a snack. Instead, he should get yogurt, berries, and bunny crackers. Apparently, the idea of cookies seemed sub-par.
I am very, very tired of 'Away in a Manger'.
In other news, he got his big-boy-bed this weekend. It is a wonderful little daybed/captains bed/trundle bed combo. He loves it and asked if it was for Christmas. I said "no". then the questions came about when exactly WAS Christmas. I told him how many days, and how many 'sleeps'. However, given how his counting includes numbers like twentyteen and ninety-twelve, I'm not sure how much he got. Thankfully, tonight we start on the Advent calendar. He will understand opening a new door every dinner time and then when they are all open that means Santa is coming. Hopefully, he doesn't try to speed it up.


Burgh Baby said...

Every well-dressed couple wears coordinating outfits. What were Mary and Joseph thinking? Or is there a scandal afoot . . .

caramama said...

I love the OCD and the imagination. I always had to have the nativity scene set up a specific way too, but it wasn't by color. He's a smart boy!