Thursday, December 31, 2009

Pete Coz

"Pete Coz Y., Mommy?"

Is Sasha-eze for "because why?"

We have officially entered the phase of constant questions. It's been coming on slowly for the last week or two, but starting Tuesday it's become incessant.

And the officially accepted parental answer of "because" is only met with "because why?"


Anonymous said...

Very good phrase

Anonymous said...

Wow we haven't had that one yet, thankfully. However, we do have the incessant repetition of the same question even though we answer it the same each time. And it doesn't even have to be asking for something he shouldn't have. Sometimes, it's just "Where's is grandma?" or "What color is that?" It's hard to not just ignore him after a while!

It's only a phase, right?

caramama said...

Might be time to pull out the old "Because I said so!"