Friday, January 15, 2010

The Root

And so we arrive at what his issue is.

He's regressing.

You see, his little cousin, the Princess, is now at Grandma's with him. We're having a little jealousy problem. And since it's babies who now get the most attention he wants to be one too.

I know this because he told me. He said how he was sad. He said why he was sad. And he said he wanted to be a baby now, too.

He's such a smart little guy...understanding his own heart and being able to express it verbally.

So he and I had a little talk. I told him it was okay to be sad. I told him it was okay to feel the way he did because it was a big change to have to share Grandma with Princess. I also told him he could be a baby again if he wanted, but...

Babies dont get to eat his favorite foods (bacon, nuts, scrambled eggs, bacon, cheese, bacon...)

Babies don't get to play "crash".

Babies don't have friends.

Babies don't have good toys like robots, kitchens, firetrucks...

Babies don't get trips to the playground.

And we went all over so many things that Princess and other babies don't get to do. Just to make sure he was informed what it would mean to be a baby again.

He changed his mind. He's happy being a big boy.

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