Tuesday, February 2, 2010


In keeping with yesterday's post, I thought I should post up some photos of our most recent projects: The kitchen and downstairs half-bath.

In the kitchen I did some drywall repair, paint job, and Hubby put in the backsplash. It was probably the cheapest room update ever. May the Habitat Restore live long and prosper. And Sears, Home Depot, and Lowes and their out of nowhere $25 off coupons (and our relatives tendancy to give us giftcards from those places). The tile itself was super cheap, though only for the grace of it being from the Restore.

And yes, I like green. This is a Hot Wheels paint, by the way, no doubt only thought to be put in little boys rooms. The tile is just gray, black, and white with a charcoal grout.

We also have the bathroom, which is now a bright shade of marigold orange (it looks peach here, but it's not peach). Everything but the potty was removed, drywall repair was started however it really needed 'drywall start over entirely'. So? I did s textured wall and it hid the flaws nicely. The sink is a kitchen sink and faucet. It is WONDERFUL for presoaking laundry, washing a smallish dog, or any number of things that one would use a utility sink for, but much prettier. This bathroom is attached to the mudroom/laundryroom/side entrance so it's actually very well located for a utility sink.


Burgh Baby said...

Now you have me thinking about where we could put a sink like that. Our utility sink is not in a convenient place at all. Hmmmmm.

caramama said...

Both look great! I'm really impressed.