Thursday, February 25, 2010


We received good news last night. Sort of. It's not anything new, but it just seemed to affect her more.

Maybe because she's not quite the young dog she once was.

But anyway, everything's back to normal.

Which has allowed Sasha's mind to focus on other things. On Questions.

"Mommy, how the sun be flynin in da sky?"
"Mommy, why dere be sombody in der in da cars dat gonin?"
"Mommy, why come it not Kithmath no more?"
And on, and on, and on...

I'm having spotty luck with answers. It's not that I don't know them, it's rather that I have no idea how to explain some of what he's really going for in a way he can comprehend.

The cars one was easy. Because cars don't go by themselves. They need people to make them go. Like his toys. He got that.

The discussion on the sun and it's place in the heavens? Yeah, not so well. First I just said, "gravity". Because sometimes he's just lookign for a response and interaction and doesn't really want an explaination. But apparently he was. So I tried to tell him it was because it only looked like it was flying because it was very, very far away. Disbeleif. And then I pulled out toy balls and tried to make them models for the sun, moon, and earth. That didn't work. I was at a loss on how to explain basic scientific principles to a 2 year old. I really wanted to answer his question and I was failing.

Hubby? Told him it floated like a balloon. That he believed.


Anonymous said...

Wow kudos to the hubby for the answer. Don't think I would have gone that route either!

Burgh Baby said...

I would probably believe it, too. Seriously, it sounds more logical than the truth.