Monday, March 22, 2010

Busy Bees

I'm back to my normal schedule and my usual location. For the time being.
I'm still trying to keep some of my time management skills I honed during my work from home. It's made my weekends and evenings work far more efficiently. And I'd found tools to help me keep track of some of my personal items as well.
A fitness app in my phone contains a pedometer and tracks my steps. It counts my calories (and points). It tracks my weight. It also tracks my overall fitness by keeping timed records of my runs and such. And I can't GPSs me and doesn't count jogging in place or me shaking the phone.
I did several 'projects' with my son. We made cookies, corn muffins, and colored Easter eggs (which he loved and was mess free). He also 'assisted' in the housekeeping and we played so hard that I actually wore him completely out by naptime each day.
He's developed a lot of strict policies about Mommy and what she should do and how she should be. I'm trying to walk a line here. I want it understood that I'm Mommy and what I say goes about me. He is not my boss. However, I want him to feel I find his opinions, thoughts, and feelings matter at least sometimes. So...
I've decided he can make a few decisions about my style. Ones that don't matter. Like nailpolish color (chosen from a selection of those I own and only an option when I'm redoing them anyway). Sometimes I'll ask what shoes he likes better or what headband. But nailpolish to the boy who's proud to know ALL his colors seems to be a key one. Funny kid.

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caramama said...

Yeah, it is a fine line. I know that at this age/stage, they feel like they have so little control over anything in life that they try to control everything. I'm also trying to balance letting her exercise some control over her surroundings with what I have to do/get done. Nail polish is a good one!