Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Either it’s two or threeness we’ve been having (since we didn’t really have a Terrible Two, I really am clueless on what’s normal), but he has been a trial lately.

In some ways it’s like we’re back to being one, where he’d run away from me when I called him. In some ways it’s a whole new bit of nastiness where he calls you a “Toot* Head” or spits in your face when you ask him to do something. Anything.

I’ve kinda been tempted to start shouting some of the threats I remember from childhood. Such as the old chestnut, “I’ll rip your legs off and beat you with the bloody ends of them.” There’s something cathartic in screaming violent, if impotent, threats.

Our once easy and pleasant child has become kind of a jerk over the past couple of weeks. Whatever this is, I am not a fan.

The weird thing is this showed up at the same time as rampant imagination, uber-clingyness, and an obsession with all things space. I do love having the sofa become a spaceship and the many missions he is sent on by “The Space King.” I kinda love the extreme need for Mommy cuddles (until I have to go to work, the bathroom, etc.). I enjoy that there’s a subject we can talk about that’s a bit more advanced, there are doings that he is interested in, and our TV selections for him can now switch off of Sprout or Nick Jr. sometimes to something not so Preschool-centric , provided we’re careful in our selections (Classic Star Trek, Lost in Space, and a few others he finds exciting but not scary).

Why must all growth in children come with a ‘Jerk Phase?’ Why????

*Tootour family word for flatus.

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