Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Red Chief

Admittedly, I am not enjoying my son lately. In fact, I find myself tempted to smack his mouth sometimes for the snarky backtalk that’s been coming out. Or his hand for the hitting he’s begun doing whenever he’s told to do something different than he wants. I am not enjoying this run up to the 4th birthday. Every year we go through a period of turd-ness that escalates as he approaches his birthday. We are full into it now. While he still can say amusing things and be sweet as sugar, those times are becoming less and less frequent. Even the small requests, like asking him to go potty when he wakes up in the morning, have resulted in battles with him. I don’t know what to do other than be consistent in our insistence on these small things. It’s not too much to ask of him to pee in the potty. To dress himself. To wear that which is clean (we do not dress from the dirty clothes hamper). To eat the dinner he is served. Not to hit. And to at least TRY to be respectful (telling Mommy she’s stinky and you don’t love her followed by cramming your finger in her eyeball is NOT trying). These are all things he’s shown he’s well capable of. Here’s hoping the Wild & Wonderful of 4 is better. I’m not enjoying the Enemy half of Friend or Enemy.

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