Tuesday, April 5, 2011

It's not a Moon, It's a Space Station...No! Wait!

So, here we are again. While I’m only a week from where I was when the last pregnancy ended, I have no reason to believe we this will go the same way. This pregnancy could not be more different from the very beginning. I have not had morning sickness beyond a single morning. My liver and kidneys continue to function normally. The “sickness” I have experienced has been either a stomach bug or side effects of the Foltx I had to take. I was taken off the Foltx and it miraculously disappeared within a few hours. I’ve had more ultrasounds than before and I can SEE that things are better than last time. If it weren’t for them, the fact I am daily looking more and more like I’m smuggling sports equipment under my shirt would be consoling. I’m still having problems with weight and blood pressure, but hopefully things will even out as the pregnancy progresses further. Thankfully, I have been blessed with an overabundance of weight to start with so it’s not such a bad thing that I keep losing no matter what I eat (really, no one should LOSE weight eating the way I have been). I just need to try to make sure it’s not too fast so keep handing me those double bacon cheeseburgers and give me another Slurpee (and see if you can get a little soft-serve in there). And for the blood pressure I’ve been advised to *not* eat a low sodium diet but rather to substitute Gatorade for water and salt my food in an effort to gently nudge my blood pressure in the right direction (it doesn’t seem to be working, but I don’t mind the dietary…um….restrictions). I do have a terrible rash, but the thought is it’s probably PUPPS. Which I had with Sasha. Which means nothing is technically wrong. That they can help with the progressive itching as the pregnancy progresses. And that it’s probably another boy.

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Burgh Baby said...

Hang in there! And BOY! YAY!