Monday, May 23, 2011

Sasha is doing really well with the idea of Brody coming.

I know the reality will be different, but at least being open and excited about the IDEA is a help.
It’s been pretty funny talking to him about becoming a big brother because we’ve gotten an inside look into his understanding of the world. It’s amusing.

He has told me that the baby is in my tummy because I have a pouch like a kangaroo. Belly buttons are the opening of the pouch and that’s where the baby hopped in to grow and where they are supposed to come out of. He knows, in theory, about c-sections and has a very simple explanation: sometimes the baby won’t come out or got too big for the belly button so the doctor has to make them come out. He believes people have to be careful with mommies who have a baby in their tummy because otherwise the baby will fall out and get hurt bad. He also believes pregnancy is far more equal opportunity than it is and fiercely believes it will be Daddy’s turn soon to hold the baby in his pouch (I suppose this came from seeing men with beer guts?). I’ve tried to give a closer approximation of the truth, but he’s very self assured and won’t be dissuaded.


Sasha explained why personal credit related commercials were so important to him.
“Creditors are bad dinosaurs, Mommy.”

Ah. I too would find businesses set up to protect me from Velociraptor attack highly important.


Birthday nonsense has ensued.

My lovely in-laws have given me fair warning on mine. I will not be participating in the events and I consider that their gift to me. It’s a buffet boat cruise, chosen in part because of the gastrointestinal pyrotechnics I have shown on other boats. They expected me to come and eat heartily throughout. I suppose to add to their enjoyment of watching me be miserable.

Great consternation is being experienced by other extended family regarding my desire to generally ignore my birthday. After all, celebrating it hasn’t been enjoyable for years. And generally has seemed to be a day to celebrate (separately) my Father-in-laws sadism and my Mom. So I’d rather just ignore it.

My son’s birthday is yet more nonsense.

I set up a party for him and sent out a save-the-date email to all with the day and time and the information it would be in a local park. I sent out formal invites late last week so they may not have arrived yet, but still…basic information was distributed so people could pre-plan.

There has been much complaining. About all of it.

The inlaws want to change the date and time to one easy for them which is horrible for Sasha or us and change the location and theme to one they prefer…oh, and by the way our menu is not what they want to eat.

My suggestions that they perhaps not come and go out to a late dinner themselves where they prefer to eat were not met well.

My family has complained that they didn’t READ the emails sent out weeks ago and so now it’s somehow my fault they need to change their plans for that weekend (since they want to come). Oh, and much direction on how I’m to run the party and why I’m ruining it for them by running it the way I see best (I’m not opening gifts there. We’ve tried it before. It goes badly. End of story).

Then there’s even Brody’s birthday causing problems already. I have been “disallowed” from having him on dates that would interfere with various people’s schedule. It’s amusing to think that schedules matter when it comes to a baby. Yes, it’s to be scheduled. But really it’s between Brody and my OB. Not concert tickets, church functions, or anything else to decide the date and time.

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