Friday, January 5, 2007

Feathered Nest

Oh boy, oh boy…how much would I like to complain about some individuals at work today. But I won’t. Media indications show that it can be hazardous to your employability. Suffice it to say some people make me crazy and I think it’s just who they are. People who make me absolutely raving mad.

Junior is kicking up a storm this afternoon and apparently feels highly energized after a lunch of spanekopita and tzatziki.

Pregnancy diet be damned. I’m eating my feta (and sushi, and coke, and lunchmeat, and…). The idea of me getting food poisoning suddenly from my own cooking when I’m very careful about food prep and storage sounds preposterous to me.

It’s less than 2 weeks till the big ultrasound where hopefully we can see his/her darling little face and find out more on who he/she is. It’s kind of like waiting for Christmas morning, without all the gift buying stress.

So far, so good on this pregnancy thing. I hope it stays that way. The tests to date have all come out wonderfully and I wasn’t even low on my Iron. The morning sickness and vomiting have FINALLY disappeared. No further need for drugs, although I’m keeping them. I always have had vomiting problems. Likewise, the fatigue has let up a lot and I feel the need to *DO* things.

Which brings me to the nesting instinct. Poor hubby is being forcibly removed from the packrat lifestyle. We decided the one and only thing we need to do to prepare the room for baby was clear it out. No building. No painting. I got that room cleaned and decided with a third member of the family coming, we really needed to do this to the whole house. It’s not like we’ll magically get less stuff. So I moved on and finished a closet and started on both our room and the office. It’s amazing how much crap 2 people can accumulate. It’s also amazing to me that anyone would rail against the disposal of broken and non-repairable items (e.g. smashed plastic fishtank). But it’s happened. We’re only keeping stuff we actually use and is in good working shape. And then that is to be organized and kept in it’s place. We will be needing to purchase organizing gear like Rubbermaid bins and new office furniture but it’ll be worth it.

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