Friday, January 5, 2007

Need Vetrinary Anti-Psychotics

And now more about the beasties which I’m positive no one cares about.
KerryGirl and the Hound have been doing well. Both went with us to a New Years Eve party and, shockingly, behaved themselves beautifully. They made themselves look positively obedient and controlled.
Why can’t they do that at home?

The Hound went through a fit of psychotic behavior last month which included eating a sewing kit complete with pins (necessitating x-rays) and eating 2 wallets. Less psychotic and more typically disgusting animal behavior included me being greeted at home by bones that had been dug up from our yard. I’m not sure what little pet she exhumed or whose it was but “ew”. Being who she is, she’s had no medical complications from any of this.

Both are going to the groomers tomorrow. We found a Lovely one who did an excellent job on KerryGirl, even if she did try to clip her like a schnauzer. A few minor corrections (no eyebrows, no skirt) and this time should be perfect. The Hound is going for her first professional salon experience. I expect to be called to come get her before they’re done. I’m assuming she’ll do something horrible like planning a mass escape from the kennels in the back

Part of me can’t believe I wussed out and hired a groomer.

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