Friday, January 5, 2007

Robot Widow

It has been too long, but I have a decent excuse. The work hours, pregnancy fatigue, and parade of holiday events kept me exhausted to the point I had something akin to narcolepsy.

Now life is back to semi-normal with a hint of robot.

Hubby is back to his 6 month competitive robot building extravaganza. This year we have rules, so we don’t go back to what happened last year. We can’t, especially since I’m due before this annual festival of dorkdom is done. We’ll see how long he follows them. His punishment is I come collect him from where he is, make a scene, and no robots ever. Apparently he can’t be trusted to be honest and responsible around them.

Last year was horrible. I never saw him for six months. He’d be gone for weeks at a time, sneak in at 4am when he said he’d be home by dinner, and was completely unreachable…often because he wouldn’t be where he said he was. I became paranoid and imagined what he was probably *really* doing.

I was so wrong…he’s a geek who was building robots and has no sense of time.

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