Thursday, January 18, 2007

It’s a…


Yup. No doubts in my mind there. Definitely male with that ultrasound.
Amazingly, that and the fact that he can shove a whole foot in his mouth were the only things that the tech had no problems assessing.
He’s a squirmy son-of-a-gun. She actually scolded him several times to “sit still” and “stop moving”.
Of course that didn’t work so we compensated by having me move around so he appeared comparatively still.
That was a bit interesting, but it worked. From what she got, he looks perfectly healthy and normal and possibly one week further along than we had been told by the OB. Nice to think I’ve even got more of this behind me than I thought, but it’ll make for an interesting 30th birthday.
It appears that is now my due date!

A word to the wise. When getting your u/s, don’t drink a Big Gulp of lemonade in the waiting room. It makes the whole process *very* uncomfortable.

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