Monday, January 22, 2007

Baby Fights

We’ve been fighting a bit. It’s all been precipitated by Junior, as is probably expected.

Topic 1—Names

I like old names that are names of Kings, Warriors and great leaders of history. My current favorite has an aunt saying “oohhhh, that sounds like a Czar! I’ll call him Sasha!” She has nicknames for everyone and no, that doesn’t mean Sasha is anywhere in the name.
Hubby likes names that are…um…er….along the lines of Earl and Cletus. In fact, those were actually suggested.
So we’ve naturally been arguing what is an appropriate name for Junior and it’s gotten quite heated. Particularly when I’ve told him why I hate his suggestions (and will fight him to the death). Apparently they don’t sound hillbilly to him.
I’m working on a theory t1o get him to come around to my favorite. His only reason he could give on why he didn’t like it was “it’s too long and I hate the nickname for the middle name”.
Um, okay…but he LIKES the nicknames for the first name (as do I) and a middle name is more for official documentation and for screaming at children when they’re in trouble. You use either the whole thing or just the initial. Not the nickname.
I have a theory that if I relate it somehow to Star Wars he’ll get on board. And that is definitely a possibility.

Topic 2—Space

I like a minimalist existence. Hubby likes to surround himself in “stuff”. I feel the need to keep only what I use. To him, whether or not its useful is immaterial. It’s stuff so he’s keeping it. It can be broken, rotting, given to him free and useful only for an activity he’s never participated in. It won’t matter—he needs to keep it.
I’ve let his packrat ways go for 3 years. Partly because I felt bad making him part with what isn’t mine, partly because attempting to get him to pare down was largely useless. Items thrown out would magically reappear. But now, we have no room for anything further. It’s a physical impossibility.
And a baby is coming. We need space.
He doesn’t think anything can be lived without. That dayglo bowling ball? A necessity! Those broken roller blades? He’ll use them! The 4 motorcycle helmets? Well, he plans to have a motorcycle one day…then he’ll need them!
Fortunately this weekend we made some real progress. Not with stuff that was exclusively his, yet. But some jointly owned and stored items were deposited at the dump this weekend. 3 truckloads worth (see? I told you! Tons of junk!). We still have a lot to get rid of but this is a real start. He’s actually parting with things.
It’s like a weird psychosis. I wonder if there’s treatment for it. He actually got mad at me for throwing out old birth control that expired long ago. It never even worked in the first place. He’s crazy!

Topic 3—Circumcision

I am pulling for a no-snip policy. I think it’s unnecessary (we aren’t jewish) and it is painful to the baby. If it’s painful and unnecessary why do it? I don’t see why I would subject Junior to something like that.
Hubby is pro-snip. In his mind, if the kid won’t remember it why not do it. To me, that’s not a real reason to do something. The kid won’t remember pretty much anything I do to him as an infant. That doesn’t make it right.

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