Thursday, February 15, 2007

Grumble, grumble

Nothing quite starts your day like walking 2 dogs for 3 miles on ice and then having to chip your car out of a solid 4 inch ice pack all while 25 weeks pregnant. Gotta love that husbandly help. He didn’t even pick up his used cereal bowl this morning. He left it out on the table for our severely allergic dog to finish…I suppose so I could clean up her bloody spew later too.
Yippy! I’m in such a great mood today.
What only made it better is after I had done all that my Mother called panicking that I was going to slip getting out of my parked car in a heated garage at work. Yeah, because that makes sense. Not that I’ll slip walking the mutts or on some snow/ice they’ve tracked onto the tile…that I’ll slip in a heated parking garage that’s all nice and cared for
Then I did finally get to work. My boss stops by and says “You’re here? I thought I told you to stay home. It’s not safe for you to coming out in this cold.” At least I didn’t have to worry about me being 2 hours late I guess.
If only everyone at work was as nice as my boss and client.
I just got someone attempting to ream me a new one who is on the same peon level as me for:
Failing to put in information to a report that didn’t happen till this week, however the report in question was due in (and sent) over a month ago.
Then when I reminded him of the fact we don’t have time machines he started in on how I should copy him when sending it. Otherwise, how’s he supposed to know what I’m sending.
I reminded him he was…that’s how he was aware of the lack of “up to the current minute” information.
He kept trying to pick on things that were non-existant.
God, I really can’t stand working with this guy. He makes me insane. Constant pick, pick, pick on problems that don’t even exist. As if he’s trying to make them. I hope someone gives him something to do soon so he can leave me be.

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