Wednesday, August 8, 2007

catching up

Well, we did determine a name for Junior (AKA His Royal Hiney). Hubby apparently felt bad for me when he was born and let me have my way with the name…the one for which he has been given a nickname of Sasha…so that is what I’ll refer to him here.

Sasha’s a sweet little boy. Quite large and chubby and has a very expressive face and an iron determination to suck his fingers (we say no…he already has a pretty bad overbite so lets not make it worse). He loves his toys and his bouncy seat and will use it so vigorously he makes himself sick. Unfortunately he’s also teething so there’s massive amounts of drool everywhere and meltdown can occur suddenly and without warning.

The beasties have handled him well. The Hound was just dandy and accepted the addition without batting an eye. KerryGirl was very jealous but showed it by walking around crying and getting so worked up we needed some valiums temporarily and she had an incidence of HGE. Now I’ve even been letting them come by when Sasha has his tummy time. I need to watch carefully to make sure he doesn’t get stepped on or something, but they are very sweet and love him dearly.

Hubby is struggling a little and resistant to changing his life. You know, coming home early to pick up the baby from Grandma’s; doing more to help so I’m not so exhausted, etc. But he is…it’s just slowly and meeting a lot of resistance. He loves his boy and he’s coming around because of it.

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