Monday, August 13, 2007

How I'm Like Homer

I forgot that I said I'd explain why I can't take Ambien. The reason is it makes me like some completely insane person.
The first time I went into labor was the result of a car accident back in the very start of May. They sent me home with some pills so I would sleep and get enough rest.
I never really "rested" when I took those. It appears I share something in common with Homer Simpson when I take Napien.
We were in bed when I woke up Hubby. He said he felt warm wetness and heard wreching sounds and me talking.
I had sat up and vomited all over my lap. Then I had been smearing it around with my hands. In my mind, I had the most beautiful leis made with fragrant orchids coming out of my mouth and I wanted to have them laid out all around me so I could smell their beautiful smell.
Hubby made me get up and shower while he stripped the bed because I was being very argumentative and insisted the bed didn't need to be washed...Flowers weren't dirty.
Since it was late and he hadn't shampooed the mattress, we went and slept on the futon. Apparently I kept crawling under the desk to sleep. He decided not to ask me why since this was obviously more Ambien-induced lunacy.
We tried it again the next night. I took it while at his brother's house so it would be working by bedtime. Supposedly it worked quickly and what was coming out of my mouth was the nights entertainment. I don’t remember though.

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