Tuesday, August 14, 2007

easily distracted

My mother-in-law came by today while I was working at home. Not to sound like a pain, but I really wish she hadn't.

Hubby was staying home--he said--so that he could take care of Sasha and let me work. I'd only be brought the baby if he needed to eat and then when I was done feeding him I could give him back.

Instead what happened was he spent the day visiting with his Mom and fixing her car (why can't she change her own air filter???? Hasn't she fingers???). Sasha would be in his playpen downstairs screaming and Hubby would let him, waiting for me to end my teleconference and come down to take care of the baby myself.

Like I had nothing else to do and Sasha wasn't any of his responsibility.

On top of that, his Mom let my dogs out "so they could go for a walk". Out to front door to be free. Thankfully, KerryGirl didn't go anywhere. She's so mired in ritual and procedure she was probably sitting waiting for her harness to be put on. The Hound, oddly, took herself on her usual walk and came home.

I was so peeved by the evening with Hubby that I left him and went our to do somethings by myself. Nothing exciting...return videos, get gas, get dogfood...I just couldn't stand him for the moment and needed a break. Plus, even though he said he wanted me to wait for him so he could go with me, he kept doing other things that would preclude this.

"...Just let me finish watching the 300 first"
"...Just let me shower first"
"...Just let me have a snack first"
"...Just let me run over to such-and-such and get a big trailer full of machine tools first"

It was the 4th or 5th "just let me" that nearly made my head explode.

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