Monday, August 27, 2007

It wasn't brotherly love we witnessed

We had a lovely, if exhausting, weekend of firsts.
It was Sasha's first out-of-town/state trip.
We went up to Philly to see the Tut exhibit at the Franklin Center.
It was also Sasha and Hubby's first train ride. And I can't begin to explain how wonderful Amtrak is. Yes, train tickets are expensive, but in this time where families have been kicked off airplanes for nursing or having a screaming child while you are simultaneously not allowed to bring and ample supply of expressed milk, it is a wonderful alternative to driving. No need to pay attention to the road, no ban on liquids or food, and you can just keep baby happy while you get to your destination.
It was my first time in Philly since I was a small child. It's very different as an adult. Before, I thought it was *fancy* and had a lot of things not allowed. I know now that was colored by why we were there...the wedding of a rich uncle.
Now I found it annoying. While our hotel was lovely, clean, and attentive; the rest of the city was not so amiable. 'Walk' signals seemed timed to ensure your death by vehicle. There wasn't a single changing table in any bathroom, and yet we got the evil eye for changing a diaper in public. Ramps and elevators were not commonplace so we had difficulty getting around with the stroller; I'm not sure what handicapped people are supposed to do. And I'm not sure what people do about food. Restaurants are only open at set times so if you need anything in between nothing is available. We went to several restaurants trying to get a late lunch or snack and some drinks. It was soooo hot and combined with trying to diet, not having had lunch, and needing to breastfeed I required food and drink. All anyone was offering was alcohol--not helpful.
And perhaps I should preface why we had such a lovely hotel stay...Some members of the staff decided to use what was supposed to be our room for a little tryst. And we walked in. Free breakfast and an upgrade to a suite.

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