Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Got Milk?

I'm in a bit of a tailspin today.
Sasha has just started *almost* sleeping through the night. Meaning I have 5-6 hours of well-needed sleep, but the boobies feel like they're going to explode. And sometimes they have. Our bed smells like spoiled milk.
Also, it appears my production is going down. Probably because of the longer sleep.
Finally, my Mom hasn't been entirely honest about how much she was feeding Sasha. She'd tell me "the bottle you gave me in the morning, plus two more." She didn't tell me that meant the bottle I gave her, plus 4 7-8oz milk bags combined into 3 bottles. I thought pumping 3 of those bags a day, plus the bonus bottle I bring her, I was keeping up. Creating a surplus even. Her saying how I was bringing her "too much" seemed to confirm that idea.
Turns out I'm falling behind really, really fast. I didn't discover this till this morning when she complained she was running out of milk. I just brought her a shipment on Monday. Arg!!!!
Now I need to see what I can do to increase it immediately. Maybe buy some fenugreek.

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