Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Plague and Pestilence

First it was Hubby, then it was Sasha, then it was me. We have all been sick with this crud, coughing and sneezing. However somehow I was the only one to get a 102 fever, chills, body aches, and all the rest of it. Probably because despite being sick, I still somehow ended up doing all the cooking, did some cleaning and had to take care of the baby. I didn't get the rest that everyone else was getting. Heck, I still made Hubby's birthday cake.
Hubby took some NyQuil the day he felt sick before bed and woke up feeling fine.
Even though Sasha is still too young for cold medicine, sitting in just a diaper in his swing in the bathroom while I ran the shower (steam!) seemed to work great (accompanied with a nursing every hour). His nose ran and he got up all the gunk and was just fine in about a day and a half. I don't know if I really believe all the stories of the healing powers of breast milk, but they were fluids and so good regardless.
I was sick from Friday on and am just starting to feel better today. But I'm still having problems with dizziness.
I know I'm a Mom now. This was my defining moment.
Because of so many things...I have no problem grabbing someone's boogers with my bare fingers and just holding them till I can get a tissue to wipe them on. It doesn't seem gross somehow.
Just because I'm sick, doesn't mean anything changes. I'm just crabbier while doing everything.
Puke in my hair (because someone's swallowed the gunk) doesn't need to get washed out right away. It's not that bad.
Add that to the fact that poop and pee are now prime topics of conversation with my husband again--only now its about how it's on us, rather than the floor--and now no one's angry about it and you have parenthood.
It kills me...I used to find babies so gross and didn't want to touch them because they were always oozing something from somewhere. Everyone told me it wouldn't bother me when it was my child but I never quite believed it. Now I do.
Oh, in other news, Sasha can roll back to front now consistantly (but not the other way and he HATES being on his tummy). Also he has to be buckled into any of his little chairs because he tries to sit up or turn in them or scooch down and ends up on the floor.
Before anyone judges me as a bad mommy for not securing my child in, you've obviously never had a kid that screams like your impaling him on red hot pokers when you restrain him in any way (seatbelts, swaddling, etc.) and starts tearing at his skin. To keep him happy, we've been letting him be free everywhere but his carseat. Plus we bought the very low bouncys and swings--not those tall ones that convert to toddler chairs--and put them on very padded carpet or the padded floor of his playpen. So, when he finally did start escaping, he was alright. I just had to warn his Grandma this morning since she has one of those converting seats and has hard floors. At her house, he isn't as likely to be just lying happily on the floor next to his seat entranced by a toy he pulled down with him.

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