Monday, September 10, 2007

More toxins

I swear, every week there's something new out there poisoning you, your pets, or your children. The latest and greates were the Lexan baby bottles.
Guess what kind we use? Thats right. Lexan. Plastic code #7.
Evenflo Comfis at home and Nuk and Grandma's. Yes, we have Medela (safe non 7 plastic) but they only come in 5oz size. Sasha needs twice that.
So off we went to WalMart after dumping the dogs off at the groomers to buy new bottles. Now we have 6 Gerber Clear Views in addition to the dozen or so Medelas. Funny, the clear views remind me of bottles that were around when I was a baby. Plain, ugly, cheap, but servicable.
We threw out all the old ones, but kept the nipples and caps.
Grandma threw hers out this morning.
We went and bought fancy nipples instead that had some of the features the bottles had (venting, anti-colic, variable flow, etc.).
And now we need to throw out all our old Lexan bottles we used for hiking trips. We have a few metal water bottles and some old fashioned Thermos bottles. Looks like we'll be using those from now on.

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