Wednesday, September 12, 2007

3 months

You're 3 months old today and what a difference has been made since last month.
Now it seems you finally know you are a separate being than me. You are so interested in examining your world. I've been having my lips pulled open and your Dad has had his arm, and assorted other hair pulled on because you want to see what happens. You'll also see a distant object and reach for it and whine till someone moves you closer. Everything is squeezed, pulled, banged, and shoved in your mouth. We hope you learn what you are looking to learn.
I also notice you can differentiate tone of voice now. When I yell at the dogs for being naughty you cry. You'll also cry if I'm reading you a story and make a scary voice for the villain. But the faces I make...well, those you never seem to think are scary. You always seem to think they are funny.
You also can turn over both ways now. You no longer look so frustrated at being stuck however and wherever we put you. You have some ability to fix it yourself and always seem so pleased when you have.
That smile.
Your smile is about the most wonderful thing I think I've ever seen. Just like your babbling little voice and giggle are wonderful sounds to me. Probably a good thing since you "talk" all day long.
And finally, I can see your little personality coming out. You are quite a stubborn little thing and have definite opinions about things. For example, you think carseat straps are evil and must be removed. And why not your diaper while we're at it...Live free. But you're also a very happy little guy. Sure, you have your bad days. But all in all you seem to be smiling more than anything else.
There are so many things I can hardly wait to teach you or do with you. For example, I already have planned in my head a camping trip to Calvert Cliffs to go fossil hunting and your Dad is already looking forward to showing you how to make your first Pinewood Derby car. Right now we're happy to be showing you how to work your little activity center and hold your little hands while you pull yourself up.
Baby steps...

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