Monday, September 17, 2007


Went and saw the doctor last week about my dizziness. I'm still having it and have this constant feeling like I'm standing on a boat. I had a standing appt with my usual so I figured I'd just ask him.
Just was given more reason to change doctors. Did he check anything or give me a test of any kind? No. He just told me I had vertigo from an inner ear infection/virus and that I should give it another 4 weeks. If it didn't clear up, I should go see Dr. Referral.
At this point, I'm pretty sure it's from extreme sleep deprivation. But I don't like the diagnosis without any kind of examination to go with it. A pelvic tells nothing about the state of my ears. Also apparently there is treatment for it and he didn't give that either.
One of my concerns was that this was a sign that I was having Irish twins (not something I want). But he didn't check that out either...even though I'd told him I had a stick turn blue. I know there's a good chance that it's a false positive since Sasha isn't that old but still....arg.
In other news, Sasha is finally sleeping in his crib all night--when he sleeps. That teething is going to drive us mad.
And my inlaws...I'm not sure what their deal is. I try to like them and not be judgemental but they make it hard. So very hard.
We were out at brunch (at a time that meant I had to go to an ungodly early mass time to do both--they don't understand why I go, it's apparently "stupid"). Sasha was making the rounds of the table as babies are prone to at family gatherings. And being a baby of a certain age was reaching for what was on everyone's plate. After all, it was stuff in front of him. That's all it takes to have him want to grab it and shove it in his mouth. But babies are ignorami and its up to adults to know whats best and not let them do certain things. One of those would be to keep a 3month old from eating sausage and scrambled eggs with cheese. Something you'd think people who'd had 5 kids would know.
But no....these people decided they were going to feed it to him. I can't tell you how fast I flew across the table to scoop all of that out of his mouth. How appalled they were that I wasn't "feeding him". And how much more appalled they were when I did feed him by sticking him under my shirt and letting him nurse. In public. Without showing a millimeter of skin...just a pair of baby booties sticking out from under my blouse.
Supposedly breastmilk is 'bad' for babies, I'm starving him, and should let him eat off my plate of blackberry french toast.
Its oh so very very hard to be nice...

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