Monday, October 29, 2007

Attempt #1

Well, we took KerryGirl to the new holistic vet last week. It gave me a lot
of hope as she had lots of ideas, ran a barrage of tests ($$$$) and gave use
some herbs to help heal and promote healthy digestion in her tract.
Well, the bad news came within a few short days. KerryGirl reacted badly to
the herbs. Hives, bloody diarhea, and generally acting down and unhappy.
The worse news was her vet was closed.
So now I need to talk to her Dr. and think up something new. We are
supposed to get her test results back this week and I have a sneaking
suspicion it'll show a perfectly healthy dog with nothing wrong. And we'll
be back to square 1 and not having a single clue what the heck is going on.
We have gotten her to stop bleeding and the hives to go away on our own and
almost drug-free. A fast followed by bland diet and a tonnage of benedryl
(yeah, it's a drug, but it seems to have no negative side effects on anyone
other than drowsiness. And when you're ill, sleep is good).

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