Monday, November 5, 2007


Mom's come over a few times now to babysit. Twice because we needed a date night. And yesterday because Hubby and I had to go to a babyshower that happened to be held at a bar. Naturally, we didn't want Sasha around smoke and he had been having a "bad day" anyway so it was really best to not take him.
This state of affairs is always bothersome to KerryGirl.
Firstly, because she sees it as we have left the HumanPuppy in her care with these "Others". She has become used to my Mom though doing stuff in the house and has finally accepted her as being allowed to do stuff with Sasha. We had Mom come about a half hour early and made sure KerryGirl watched me hand Sasha over. That way, she knew this was a "thing allowed".
But my Dad. She hasn't gotten used to him.
Whenever he took Sasha, KerryGirl followed him. Watched him like a hawk and had a perpetual low growl. Now, she being who she is we know it's fairly safe to ignore this growl. She's just a very vocal dog and this one tells us "I'm not sure about this. I don't think this is a good thing". But my parents, they were taken aback. They aren't used to dogs who have about 6 different growls, some of which are happy. To them, a growl is always a prelude to a bite. A warning.
And so when she was also growling at my Mom, she felt the need to call me with great concern. It turned out Mom had decided to go out in the backyard and get rid of the weeds that had grown thru the patio. So this meant both moving the patio furniture AND weeding, things that were new. Things that were different. Things that meant change.
This makes KerryGirl uncomfortable.
Discomfort makes KerryGirl growl with concern.So I was told about the growling and asked to listen to it. And to me, it was just the GrowlOfConcern. So I told her.
"but growling is bad dog behaviour! I don't want her to think she can bite me or anything. What if she bit me? What if this gets worse and she starts biting people?!?"
"it won't get worse and she wont bite you. That's not the right growl.""She has a bite growl?!?!? She's bitten people before!?!?!"
"Yes. Once. But nothing to worry about. It was someone trying to break in. She knows you arent a danger. You're just not following TheWayThingsGo."
"hmm...well she doesn't do anything I say either"
"of course not. You aren't TheBoss. That's me."
Nothing irks a parent more than being told that they have no authority here. And worse, that their kid is it instead. Even if that kid is in their 30s and the enforcer is only a 40lb curly faced terrier.

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