Thursday, November 15, 2007

Animal Communication

When I connected with KerryGirl I connected on a soul to soul level. my soul directly connected to her soul. I saw a soul with lots of sorrow who is conflicted between remembering her past and trying to go with her new humans and her future.

Lots of residuals left from her past family. Lots of memories and things that she would like to be free from. I told her I would help her to be free from those memories and she is very content and happy about that. She needs to release many things that happened to her in the past.

She said that from the time she was a puppy she was nervous and scared. These people were not capable of having a puppy in their home in that they did not know how to train or care for a puppy. She tried so hard (and this is the sad part because she REALLY tried) to please these humans she was with but with no training she kind of flew by the seat of her pants and with training did things that got her in trouble, but she didn't know not to do those things. She got yelled at alot and then eventually when she was mistreated enough she started to fight back and growl to let them know she had had enough and she started to defend herself and that is when she was basically put out and abandoned emotionally eventhough she was still there physically.

She shows me being so cold at times and shows me physically having to eat rocks. That is where the rocks came from when I first spoke with her. She eat them to fill her stomach.

I asked her if she always had this stomach issue and she says yes but first of all it started with her nerves.continues to have this situation with any loud noises or insecurities. I feel that this may be why nothing has showed up physically as of yet with all the doctors and tests.

She shows me still be internally very nervous although she says she tries not to show it on the outside. Afraid that she will be put in that situation again. I explained to her that her angels took her from that situation and brought her to your home for love and safety and that she will not go back to that type of situation again.

I asked her about getting on the furniture etc when she is sick and she says that is bring attention to the fact that something is going on.

When I ask her Guides to show me physically what is going on they show me redness and lots of hotness in her stomach and bowels. But them seem also to say that it is brought on by stress. This also seems to be stress within her physical body almost like the lining of her stomach blows up. Dairy is a problem for her. When I do an internal scan with her Guides I see that it actually starts with the aspafagus (I totally don't know how to spell that word) but the throat. That swells up. There seems to be an environmental allergy in your home that swells that part up. It seems to be a chemical that is used by spraying it in the air. There also seems to be some sort of flea allergy related. I think at one point she was so infested that it actually caused sone internal damage to her that hasn't been completely fixed which is also why some of the test wouldn't see it.

Some sort of antihistamine might be helpful. That is what I am being shown, although a holistic one might be best for now not the pregnizone they give at the vet. Has she ever been on it before?

This really does seem like a histamine reaction of some sort. Also eating the rocks didn't help. But when the attacks come they seem to stem from nerves. The crystals in her urine seems to be coming from some sort of bacteria which has not been fully addressed,, almost like they treated it until it was better but did not continue long enough to fully get rid of it so her body continues to produce it.

If you are working with the holistic vet I would suggest that they do something to completely free that bateria and I think that will make her life so much better. She seems to have carried this bacteria off and on all her life and has never gotten rid of it completely and I think this bacteria also is a key factor in the stomach irritation.

She shows me being sluggish often and just not having the energy that she feels she should have at her age. Almost like she has a constant virus. She tries to keep her spirits up for her family but some days it is harder then others.

She knows how much you love her and she feels very blessed to be with you. She wonders if you will be staying in your home or will you be moving?

She likes her home but wonders if there is enough room?

She is incredibly loyal and grateful to her family now for rescuing her. She was told by her Guides that she was going to be rescued and she was happy about that.

I told her I am so happy to have met her and to be able to help her with her health issues. She is very relieved and we spent some time sitting together and releasing some of the old memories and fears. I think you will notice a change in her in that she will seem much more content and nor as worried about things and I don't think you will see some of the sadness around her that you may have seen in the past but a more happy kind of going around in circles barking happy from her. She is much lighter now.

The barking at the neighbors is just habit for her. She shows me a lead or chain in a circle like she might have been tied to a tree or something and was able to walk in a circle and she barked all the time! She barked at everything. She still does. I asked her is she can stop especially inside where she might wake the baby or wake others and she seems to not have truly known that barking is not allowed because she was just kind of outside barking constantly.

She absolutely loves having a friend in the other dog! I think there was another dog where she was before but that dog was loved and treated well. She has also had cat friends in the past.

She loves her Dad! Great person, very gentle soul, feels comfort there. Shows me a image of watching tv together and being buds. Like that alot.

Overall I told her that I will check in with her and if she has any other attacks, I will try to help her. I also told her I will work with the other professionals to get something to sooth her stomach and keep her calm when she needs to be.

Her stomach now just feels raw inside and seems to constantly be what she calls moving. Sometimes it seems to grab and tightened up like in knots.

Does any of the stress level information resignate with you? Can you see any collalation to that and the attacks?

She knows she is a very luck girl and feels that with everyone now on her team she will heal.

She is extremely grateful for the communication and just knowing that her life will be better.

We sent blessings and love to each other and she left with angels and pride and a message of love for all who care for her.

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