Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Sasha is becoming quite the little terrorist.
First he decides that ALL his meals will be from bottle, not breast. Oh, and by the way dear Mum, I'll only drink breastmilk. Not formula.
So I pump. Do you know what a giant pain in the patootie it is to pump exclusively when your kid eats at least every 2 hours? You can't do anything else and are held hostage by your machine.
I talked to my mother, who after having many kids knows about these things told me to just let him scream.
I was the Mom. I was to decide when, what, how, and where he would eat. As he's become something of a giant chunk (as eating 8+oz every 2 hours PLUS 2 bowls of cereal will do), he could stand to skip a feeding or two so no big deal if he decided to go on a feeding strike. He'd come 'round pretty fast.
And so he did. Now we're back to breastfeeding and I have a little more time.

And last night was something new. He woke up at 0130--not unusual--and after a diaper change and a feeding he decided we weren't going to follow the routine and go back to sleep. Oh, no. It was playtime. For 2 hours.
After which he fed again and passed out. I always stick around for 15 min because you never know with him and it's harder to get up when you are just starting to doze off.
I didnt get back to bed till 0345. I have to be up by 0400 hrs.

And did I mention I had a job interview today?

Fortunately, it's with a group I've been working with for a year and a half so the job description part was nothing new. And they sent me a write up of the standard benefits package. And my questions were about the benefits that don't deal with money...flexible schedules, private office, etc. Also, since I work with them, if I'm a little spacy today they already have an opinion about me formed. I'm guessing good because I never applied for the job. They just called me up and asked me to interview.

I only can guess at what will be done next by Sasha to tear me from my sanity.

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