Wednesday, November 21, 2007


We now have KerryGirl on NAET.

We got her test results back from the vet. She has a bushel-load of allergies, to include:
Olive oil

And those seem to be the root of her problem. So we did a cold-turkey switch back to her duck diet (which just left her skin a little dry and she thought was boring). And we've started accupuncture.

If this works for her, I might sign myself up for the human version. Get my allergies under control.

I also did something I used to think was loopy. I called up an animal communicator and asked her to help me find out what was going on in KerryGirls head and past. After all, as a rescue dog with lots of problems, I really have no other way to tell. I'm not sure about parts of what they told me, but parts seem to be very valid and indicated things I never told the person that were very true and not terribly generic (like a listing of her allergies, stuff about the Hound, etc.). So who knows? I did ask her to talk to KerryGirl about the barking--that we didn't mind her talking or even making announcements of people coming up the walk--but that what she was doing was way over the top and needed to stop. Maybe. Last night she didnt sleep at the top of the stairs so that's a change. Instead she slept by our bed.

The Hound is back to normal. After having her tooth pulled and that healing she's just the 'good' her. Not the 'skittish' her. We have her at the new vet too, but since her only issues are occasional tapeworm and an intolerance of anesthesia...we're okay.

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