Monday, November 26, 2007

A life of privation

This waking up in the middle of the night is really getting to me. It's getting to both of us. I suppose it's part of no longer being in our 20s.
I remember going months at a time with only 4 hours or sleep. I remember going clubbing all night a few times a week and just coming home, showering, and going to work the next morning. And being just fine.
Now, I am falling asleep by 9pm. We only have to wake up once for a half hour around 1 or 2 to feed him (Hubby changes him while I go to the bathroom and gets me a glass of water while I nurse so we're both getting up). And then I get up at 4, but I've been getting up at 4 for one time it was to go to the gym. Then it was because the dogs needed a run and I needed "cool off time" before showering so it would 'take'. Now I cram in getting Sasha feed, bathed, and dressed too.
But now I'm 30 and I'm feeling old and worn out.
We're old.
We're tired.
And we're boring.
And it's all because we're parents.
I seriously think we need to get some more friends with kids. Otherwise, they really just don't get it--how hard it is to do anything.
Even just "being" is getting too hard. We need to hire a cleaning service because I just can't. And my memory has become swiss cheese and I'm starting to say things I have no memory of that don't make any sense. My husband's taken up recording my nonsense with the memo feature on his phone.
I'm also losing my patience a lot faster and losing my temper a lot more often. Not good things as my temper is very very....evil.

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